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Including a new addition to your front yard design, or backyard patio, can make your home much more accessible – and it can substantially increase the value of it too. Taking the first step with Hardscape Restoration LLC is the best decision you can make. We value and prioritize perfection in each walkway and our patio installations. By opting to install a new hardscaping element, your stylistic choices matter. Customization is only limited to the space of your front or backyard.

Our skilled walkway and patio hardscape installers take pride in the work they do. We take pride in the installation process as we plan, design, and lay every paver brick carefully. Our hardscape contractors work with you every step of the way. We guarantee you will get the best quality and professionalism from the moment of your consultation to the very last brick laid. A paver patio or walkway installed by us can last for many years to come. It will stand up to the regular wear and tear year in, year out.

Benefits of A New Installation:

Compliment landscaping & home

Enhance curb appeal

Replace excessively damaged hardscaping

Long lasting with proper maintenance

Enhancing Your


New Installations 2

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We take pride in each project and pay attention to every detail. Specializing in both walkway and patio restoration, our team of hardscaping contractors goes the extra mile to ensure that they are fully functional and look like new.