Not everyone is fortunate to have a large yard, but with a well-designed outdoor space, you can have jaw-dropping curb appeal that’ll rival even the most pristine manicured lawns and cause. Here’s what 2022 has to offer in outdoor space trends!


Hardscaping is more than just a slab of stone in your backyard – it can add to your home architecturally in beautiful and functional ways. In 2022, one of the hottest outdoor living trends is to turn your patio into a green location with evocative mossy cobbled stone walls, multi-level custom stone shelving to cultivate herbs and spices, and built-in spaces for fruit trees, and functional outdoor spaces like kitchens. The key for materials is sustainability with hardy stone and cement pavings that are ethically sourced. Beyond the backyard many are also changing their driveway pavements to more stylish pave stone, changing wooden fencing to courtyard walls, and more.

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Spending time outside is important, but sometimes the sun can be overbearing. The solution? Covering your patio with a pergola, gazebo, or a trellis from Hardscape Restoration. Previously, homeowners were encouraged to keep materials streamlined, but in 2022 we say life’s too short to color inside the lines! Unexpected and exciting combinations are trending, using wood, jute, metal, stone, straw, and other daring materials to build structures that are both functional and beautiful. For a more aged look, we recommend looking into distressed wood and aged copper, but if you’re looking to modernize your backyard, a sleek blackened steel frame trellis is just what you’re looking for!


Lawn chairs and uncomfortable stools move aside because, in 2022, the name of the game is comfort for outdoor furniture. Catalogs of patio furniture have shifted from standard products to lower set seating with deep, comfortable pieces designed for a relaxed atmosphere. Low-rise sofas, armchairs, poufs, tables, and chairs for entertaining in interesting patterns and materials will guarantee your space can be turned into the relaxation oasis it deserves. Be bold with boho style prints, rustic and handmade local art pieces, earthy colors with bright pops of color that meshes well with your hardscaping and landscaping styles!

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