With the many different types of styles, colors, and textures involved with a paver patio installation, the decision of what is best for you can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you narrow down your choices, so you can make the right decision for your home. Learn more about the types of paver styles, colors, and patterns we can offer to help build your ideal patio space.


Natural Stone: This type of paver is probably the most unique based purely on the material. These can be customizable to an extent, but it all depends on the type of stone you’re going with. This option would end up being the most expensive between the three types of pavers


Brick: Brick is pretty common with patios. It has a unique, older style to it and it’s easy to maintain. You’re able to customize it simply by cutting the bricks in a different way to create new patterns and you can change up the color from the traditional red.


Concrete: Concrete is the most common for pavers and it’s also the most affordable. You can customize concrete the most because you can have concrete blocks in the traditional style, you can cut them down like bricks to create design, or you can just use a stamp.

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