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No one wants to be stuck inside on these gorgeous summer days. It’s recommended to get outside for a healthy dose of Vitamin D and fresh air, but at times too much sun can be uncomfortable. Don’t be forced to go inside! This is where having a gazebo, pergola, and other outdoor structures can benefit you and your family. Gazebos and pergolas are the most popular structures you’ll see in a backyard, with good reason. Both can be customized to fit with the rest of the outdoor space. How do you choose between the two, though? Here are a few features each has to help you decide which is best for your outdoor space.

The Gazebo

Ample Shade: One feature that separates a gazebo from a pergola is the roof. Gazebos have covered roofs that completely block out the sun. This makes them ideal for spending long afternoons outside without worrying about reapplying sunscreen throughout the day.

Screened-In Comfort: If you enjoy your privacy, or don’t like getting attacked by bugs, a screened-in gazebo is your answer. The screen is perfect for entertaining guests, helps reduce noise from the neighbors, and provides a comfortable private area to enjoy the weather. This is also a great spot to enjoy a refreshing rainstorm.

Create The Perfect Shade In Your Backyard 1

 Outdoor Dining Spot: Take your meals outside! If you don’t want to be stuck inside cooking, why would you want to eat in there? The gazebo is an excellent addition to any outdoor kitchen and grill. Once the meal is cooked, it’s a short walk for everyone to get comfortable under the shady gazebo.

The Pergola

Create The Perfect Shade In Your Backyard 2

Alternative Shade: Pergolas have a way of creating a natural addition to your backyard, patio, or deck. The roof traditionally is more open, which helps section off the area without completely closing it off. You also have the option of covering if you want a more shady spot. These covers can be waterproof for the unexpected (or expected) rainstorm.

Make A Statement: These structures will set your backyard apart from others with their style. You can utilize the space around the pergola for the patio, garden, and more to enhance the space. It can even be built on a deck for the perfect entertaining spot.

Outdoor Cooking Spot: Even if your outdoor kitchen is designed to be outside, why shouldn’t you be able to protect it? Pergolas can station the space leaving it open enough to let the smoke from the grill out. With the option of adding a cover, you have the option of cooking outside, no matter what the weather might throw at you.


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