The pavers used throughout your hardscape should never be an afterthought. They can make or break the entire design. There are a lot more pavers to choose from than you may have realized. It can get overwhelming trying to find the perfect fit for the design. From the color, the pattern, and even the size makes a huge difference! In this guide, we’ve broken down some of the most important things to consider when picking out the perfect pavers for our hardscape design.

The Type: There are three different materials to choose from when picking out your pavers:

○ Natural Stone will have a calming, earthly feel throughout the area.

○ Concrete is the most common out of the three. A protective seal is usually added to give a layer of protection.

○ Brick is known to be the most durable out of all of these choices, and it can hold up in high traffic areas.

How To Choose The Right Pavers You’ll Love 1
How To Choose The Right Pavers You’ll Love 2

The Color: With pavers, it’s a little harder to get vibrant colors without painting them. Even then, the paint can come off relatively quickly. Keeping the pavers with their natural color is the best option when it comes to color and vibrance. They will act as an accent to the rest of the hardscape. One thing you can do is play around with darker and lighter-toned pavers to add a complimenting look to your outdoors.

The Size: Pavers aren’t merely “one-size-fits-all.” They come in several different sizes to fit in any space you may have, as well as can be custom cut to fit your area. One thing to keep in mind is that larger pavers can develop a central weak point over time, causing them to crack. 

How To Choose The Right Pavers You’ll Love 3
How To Choose The Right Pavers You’ll Love 4

The Pattern: Creating a pattern is where pavers make their mark. Simple designs can add that extra sense of style to your hardscape, giving it a modern feel. You can use two different colors, different sized pavers, and even play around with other materials!

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