The outdoor season may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean that your patio has outlived its seasonal use. Even in a wintery state like Pennsylvania, your new patio from Hardscape Restoration can continue to be enjoyed through fall and winter.


Adding furniture to your patio helps make your outdoor space a place to be instead of a place to just pass through. Add chairs or a bench to rest and lounge while enjoying the turning of the leaves and the cool fall air. Considering the coming winter, remember to pick your furniture well. If you don’t have storage space to store tables, chairs, and benches it’s not a good idea to buy furniture that won’t survive being covered in snow for a few months – independent of how dry this winter happens to be. You never know when we’ll get another 24 inches out of nowhere.

Taking Advantage of Your Patio in Fall & Winter 1


September and October are prime chilly fall evenings and marshmallows season. That means fire pits and bonfires! There are two options – buying a detached metal fire pit or having one built into your patio. Fire pits aren’t your only option, however. Gas and electric heaters – like the ones you see at restaurant patios when the chill sets in – can be purchased by regular consumers and are a great investment.


Late summer and early fall aren’t the time to be transplanting most flowers into your green space around the patio. Instead, consider greenery that will live through the fall and winter. Hardy evergreen trees and shrubbery are ideal for winter weather prep and look great when it is time to plant flowers and watch them bloom in spring.

Taking Advantage of Your Patio in Fall & Winter 2


Festive decor doesn’t have to break the bank and works all over the house. Use familiar symbols of fall to pepper in colors such as pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, fall-blooming flowers, and Halloween props. If you have an outdoor dining table, arrange gourds, pinecones, and other shrubberies in a cluster. For DIY flair, purchase a wooden basket or ornamental box from an art shop and a little wood paint for complimentary style.

Bring color to your patio sitting area by setting the table with pops of orange or new cushions on an outdoor sofa or sitting area. Better yet, if you’re looking to restore your patio and bring the color back to your brick or tile layout the pros at Hardscape Restoration can help you with every step.

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