At Hardscape Restoration, our 40 plus years of experience has brought a vast amount of practice across various projects. Along with our restoration and installation services, we also offer an array of additional services, such as water features for your home. As a renovation trend that is still popular amongst home owners, there is still plenty of time to hop in on this fad.

The beauty of water features comes from how versatile they are in both style and implementation. Your outdoor area deserves some new life, so instead of going for a traditional hardscape job, why not opt for the unique approach of water features? Here are four of the most common water features to get you started.


We are not talking Niagara Falls in your backyard, nor the hit single from TLC, but a fixture that will have yourself and guests in awe every time you step outside. Whether you add one to a rock formation or into your pool, seeing the cascading flow in the scenic environment will make you want to stay outside and enjoy the glorious view.

4 Beautiful Water Features to Add to Your Backyard 1


water fixture courtesy of Hardscape Restoration

Just imagine the tranquility that will come when sitting outdoors on a warm summer evening with the sound of your newly installed water fountain soothing you toward sunset. A more classical choice, a fountain can find its footing wherever you place it around your backyard. Find the perfect color scheme and design to make this fixture an encapsulation of your home’s overall theme.


Looking for an area to add your fountain to? Why not kill two birds with one stone and add a pond to your home while you are at it? Ponds serve as a base for other fixtures, making them a high reward-low risk endeavor that you can add on to as you go. Add some nice vegetation to add color to the pond or even go a step further and drop in a few koi fish.

4 Beautiful Water Features to Add to Your Backyard 2


4 Beautiful Water Features to Add to Your Backyard 3

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to streams. When looked at practically, streams are just a smaller form of waterfalls, making it a safer option to see how it looks before going all in on a brand new waterfall. The key with streams is making sure you put emphasis on the surrounding parts. Maybe you would like a stone stream to pass through a garden? Or have the water flow quickly off a rock formation? The options for streams may not be endless, but there are plenty of choices to select from.

Regardless of which water feature you choose, our team here at Hardscape Restorations will provide you with the best service around. To inquire about our services, head over to our contact page to start the process of installing your very own water feature!

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