Independent of where you live, time spent outside is indispensable for a happy and healthy life. Outdoor additions such as gazebos, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens are a great way to extend your time outside!

Gazebos and Pergolas

While there are several differences between these two great outdoor additions, the main differences are the roof and the floor. A gazebo has a closed roof and a solid floor and will provide shade and protection from the elements, while a pergola is open with grid beams that are great for adding soft cloth details or even growing your own grape vines. If you intend on using these structures year-round, there may be a need for some accessories you’ll want to have depending on the time of the year and weather. 

Outdoor Additions

It can get chilly late fall, so adding a heat source like a fire pit or propane powered tube hater will be crucial. Another great way to stay warm and add luxury to your home is to add a hot tub or spa! To stay dry, windows and interchangeable screens in a gazebo are a good way to stay dry, but this will likely not be an option for a pergola. Interested in a few more neat upgrades? Add speakers or lighting to your outdoor addition for an enjoyable year-long space.

Outdoor Additions - Kitchens

A kitchen outdoor addition is a great way to add value to your home. In an enclosed back porch or patio space, kitchens make for great versatile entertaining spaces. From fall bonfires to summer cookouts and day-to-day meal ‘outings’ you’ll be able to enjoy your property, fresh air, and nature with family and friends in a warm, covered way safe from the elements. If you choose not to opt for a back porch, adding your outdoor kitchen underneath a large gazebo, pergola, or other standing structure is a great way to stay dry while cooking a tasty meal. Overall, adding an outdoor kitchen to your home is a great investment, saving your home from unpleasant smells, higher cooling bills in the summer, and adding to your home’s equity.

However you choose to extend your entertaining space, gazebos, pergolas, trellis, outdoor kitchens, and many other outdoor additions are a great way to transform your home and habits. The Experts at Hardscape Restoration are well equipped to help you make the right decisions about an outdoor space that’s right for you! 

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