Installing a paver patio, walkway, or driveway, can add beautiful curb appeal to your home. It provides the extra living space for you enjoy your outdoors, especially during the warmer months. However, like with any hardscape installation, there can be problems with pavers that require more than just routine maintenance. Whether it’s a poorly laid foundation for your pavers, or there’s overgrown weeds and other vegetation, there’s typically a rather easy solution to fix the problem. Here are the top 5 paver problems we’ve encountered, as well as ways to remedy the situation!

1. Pavers are Sinking: Sinking pavers are a sign that there is a drainage problem underneath. To fix this, remove your pavers, properly reset the ground and foundation, and re-lay your paver stones.

2. Pavers with Poor Drainage: Excess water pooling on top of sunken pavers indicates poor drainage. If this is not corrected, during the warmer months, the pooling water can freeze underneath your pavers, and completely upset the foundation. It’s best to remedy this as soon as possible with the same steps as the sinking pavers above.

5 Paver Problems & How To Fix Them 1
Wet red and brown brick paver

3. Weeds Growing in the Pavers: Weeds can be extremely damaging to pavers. To fix this, use a weed killer to get rid of the plant and the root. Fill all of the joints with polymeric sand. The sand is a fine material that creates a binding agent when mixed with water. This will restrict weeds from growing in the future.

4. Uneven Pavers: Uneven pavers are both unsightly and unsafe. This could be caused by a drainage issue, or the original construction was not done correctly. The best way to fix it is remove your pavers, relay the foundation, and reinstall the paver stones.

5. Edging that Leans: When the foundation of the patio is laid, the edge needs to be about 6 inches inside the foundation. When the border and the foundation line up, there’s a chance it will start leaning. The pavers surrounding it will begin to pull up.

stack of gray pavement cobblestones

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