Whether you’re thinking about getting a brand new paver patio or walkway for your yard, or you just hand one installed, there are a few things to know about the maintenance of your new space. Everything 3-5 years it’s recommended to get your pavers restored with basic maintenance. Also, with proper maintenance, you’ll be able to extend the life of your pavers. Here are a few tips to keeping your pavers clean and tidy during the seasons.

Take care of any weeds early. While they look small, the roots of a weed can run rampant over your pavers. Leaving weeds unattended could cause more damage to your patio or walkway. If you do find weeds, get rid of them. Spray weed killer along the cracks and the edges to prevent any more springing up.

weed growing out of stone
man brushing grass off stone pathway for fall maintenance

Get a course-bristle broom, paver cleaning solution, and get to work! The broom is mostly important to get into all the nooks-and-crannies, to clean and remove any dirt.

If a paver cleaner was used be sure to follow the directions, exactly. Try the cleaner on a smaller section of your paver stone to make sure it doesn’t destroy the piece.

If oil is spilled on the paver don’t panic and immediately start cleaning it with water. Soak it up with a granular oil absorbent as quickly as possible; this could be sand or kitty litter.

man scrubbing stone walkway with sponge
man shoveling snow off stone pathway

During the winter, rock salt or any other de-icer can be used, but be careful how much it put down. Too much deicing product can get into the cracks of the paver and start deteriorating the filler.

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